Vertrieben aus Hietzing

Lottie Mottram

Familie Mottram wohnte in der Elßlergasse. Beide Kinder gingen in Hietzing zur Schule. 1939 flüchtete die Familie Richtung Australien.

I was a young girl when we left Vienna early in 1938 so I have few memories but will try to tell you a little. We, that is my parents and my brother, lived in an apartment in Elßlergasse 10 on the first floor. It was quite large. I had a Kinderfräulein and spent most of my time with her. She used to make me to Hugelpark to play. This is what I have been told in the past. I also remember going skating in the winter at the local tennis courts. I attended Hietzing Volksschule. My brother went to a Gymnasium after he had been to Hietzing Volksschule.

My grandparents, Heinrich and Paula Munster lived at 33 Wattmanngasse and I know that all the grandchildren went there, possibly on Sundays and played in the garden. I also remember going to I think the Cafe City where they were playing bridge. Unfortunately there is no one of my generation alive to ask about our activities. The only photos I have are snapshot of members of my familiy.

My father was a part owner with other members of the family, and director of a Blech und Papier Emballagen factory in Linzerstraße, Munster & Co. They also printed aposters. If you have any further questions I will do my best to answer them. We left Vienna in 1939 for Czechoslovakia en route to Australia.

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